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                  Micron公司NAND閃存:SLC NAND
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                  Micron(美光)公司SLC NAND產品資料下載
                  Micron(美光)公司SLC NAND

                  SLC NAND
                  Up to 100,000 P/E cycle endurance
                  Fastest throughput of the various NAND technologies (MLC, TLC)
                  Compatibility with the ONFI synchronous interface

                  Micron NAND閃存概述:



                  Micron SLC NAND英文概述:
                  Better or best? SLC is available in a wide range of densities, offering the right performance for embedded applications to enterprise Flash arrays.
                  Durable: At 100,000 PROGRAM and ERASE (P/E) cycles, our SLC NAND is one of the most robust and reliable NAND technologies available.
                  Ultra-high performance: Up to 4.5X faster than equivalent MLC devices, our SLC NAND offers the fastest throughput of any NAND device.
                  ONFI-compatible: Our SLC products utilize the ONFI synchronous interface, enabling data transfers of up to 200 MT/s.
                  Technical support: Our multistage technical assistance helps you design in some of the industry’s highest-quality memory with ease. We work with chipset vendors, OS designers, and other enablers to ensure that our parts are optimized for your design.

                  SLC NAND在電子產品上的應用及技術支持可向Micron(美光)原廠或Micron代理商咨詢,Micron公司產品購買咨詢:0755-27850456 · 82701202

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